Personnel controlling

Definition of personnel controlling

Personnel controlling connects the process of planning, control and management with the supply of information. It has the following tasks:

Individual planning vs. collective planning

The planning that takes place as individual planning or as collective planning. It is based on economic and social objectives in the HR department, e.g. B. Reduction of personnel costs, increase of work productivity and profitability, improvement of work organization, rationalization, creation of job satisfaction and also includes budget planning.

The control that as Personnel control consists of monitoring the target values and examining the target / actual deviations in the personnel area. Also within the Budget control the target values are compared with the actual values.

The supply of information as the transfer or communication of data. Personnel management is informed of the early warning indicators that have a positive or negative impact on the human resource management process via an appropriate reporting system.

Control of the staff

The control of the personnel activities, which takes place on the basis of the control results, z. B. Reduce absenteeism and fluctuation, improve productivity, reduce personnel costs, improve the working atmosphere, relocate employees.

As part of personnel controlling, personnel portfolios are used that are an expression of the personnel performance potential of a company. With their help, human resources can be integrated into strategy development. Personnel controlling has not yet been able to sufficiently establish itself in companies as an independent function within personnel management. Although the need for such a function is accepted in practice, organizational integration is still relatively rare today.

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