Personnel change

Definition of personnel changes

The personnel change is an expression of the qualitative and quantitative change in personnel management conditions in the company. It results from the data of the Workforce planning as:


  • Recruitment if the probable number of positions at the time of comparison is greater than the future number of staff, ie positions need to be filled. Consequences of this quantitative shortfall can e.g. B. be:
  • Transfer of employees from a branch to the headquarters
  • Takeover of trainees into an employment relationship
  • External recruitment

Staff adjustment

Adjustment of the workforce if the expected number of jobs is smaller than the future workforce, ie a surplus of staff needs to be reduced A quantitative coverage can, for. B. be countered by

  • Transfer of employees to another plant
  • Early retirement of employees
  • Termination by the company

Personnel development

Personnel development, if it emerges from the qualitative personnel deployment planning that the requirement profiles at the time of comparison are greater than the skill profiles of the employees. Qualitative shortfalls can be eliminated by:

  • Training measures for young people without a vocational qualification
  • Further training measures for employees with a vocational qualification
  • Retraining measures for employees who are learning a completely new profession

The personnel changes can affect the level of personnel costs.

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