Personnel care

Personnel support includes all facilities, measures and services that the employees receive beyond the agreed remuneration.

Social care

Social care as a direct voluntary transfer of benefits or services to employees, e.g. B. Travel and subsistence allowance, personnel care, staff discount, company apartments, work clothes, company doctor, medical service, status symbols.

social benefits

social benefits as a direct, secure transfer of services to the company's employees, which can be:

Statutory social benefits - These include B. the employer's share of social security.

Social benefits subject to collective bargaining agreements - These are e.g. B. Travel allowances for business trips.

Voluntary social benefits - this includes the company pension scheme as a supplementary pension.


Social measures

Social measures as any other direct transfer of benefits or services to employees, which include:

Cafeteria system - up to a certain amount, the staff can select the desired social benefits from predefined alternatives.

Coaching - The staff is advised individually over a certain period of time by mostly external consultants with regard to their special investment development.

Mentoring - new staff is looked after by superiors, internal consultants or experts. It is a long-term instruction and learning relationship for integrating newcomers.


Social facilities

Social facilities ID as the indirect transfer of benefits or services to employees, e.g. B. Company health insurance fund, canteen, benefit fund.

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