Production data acquisition (BDE)

Production data acquisition (BDE) is part of the production information supply system for the provision of actual data for the production control and monitoring system as well as the production key figure calculation, which includes all measures for the production of production data in IT-supported form at the place of their processing. The following operating data groups (actual data) are reported back to the production control system:
• order-related data (start and end of machine occupancy, a work cycle or order, quantity produced, quality levels achieved),

• employee-related data (attendance, quantities and qualities produced by the employee as well as his material consumption),

• Equipment-related data (runtimes, performed maintenance measures, malfunctions according to duration and causes, waiting times after malfunctions),

• Material data (withdrawals, receipts, reservations) and

• Tool and device data (type and time of use, removal and access, breakage according to causes).

The PDA system is used to record and output the data, whereby these are entered directly into the EDP system used for production planning and control (production planning and control system) (e.g. via a PDA terminal). If the data is first temporarily stored on a data carrier and then processed at periodic intervals in the IT system used for production planning and control, this is an offline recording
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