Objective market research data

Market research provides marketing management with subjective and objective market research data. The objective data include the following quantitative data:

The buyers of the products, which have to be differentiated according to demographic characteristics, e.g. B. Gender, age, marital status, income, occupation. This enables the markets to be segmented.

Need for products

The need for products that shows the absorption capacity of the market, taking into account the existing purchasing power from income, assets or borrowing.


The markets from which the information comes, e.g. B. data from Sales market, Procurement market, financial market.

Competing company

The competing companies, which are to be analyzed according to their essential characteristics, e.g. B. number of employees, sales, market shares, performance programs, market strategies.

the Intermediary who, as wholesalers and retailers, supply customers with manufacturers' products.

geographical spaces

The geographical areas to which the information obtained relates, e.g. B. regional, national or supranational data.

Periods of time

The periods for which the information applies, e.g. B. prospective data (forward-looking), prospective data (diagnosis-related) and retrospective data (back-related).

The objective market research data are used to determine the market volume. This is understood to mean the realized or forecast sales quantities of a product per period in a defined market.

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