Material disposal

Defenition of material disposal

The material issue is a stock movement that reduces inventory and is recorded in terms of quantity in the context of material storage. It takes place in several phases and includes:

Material requirement

The material request that is given to the material warehouse by different areas of the company in the form of written requirements, e.g. B. from the production area or quality inspection. For production, they relate to production orders, assemblies or individual materials, for quality inspection to individual materials, assemblies, but also finished products. Material requests can also be made based on customer orders. They then refer to products, spare parts and repair parts.

Material outsourcing

The outsourcing of materials, which can take place in the form of material withdrawal notes, taking various criteria into account, e.g. B. the urgency of materials, the scheduling of orders, the limitation of the issuing processes. Today it is increasingly IT-supported, whereby a priority list can be created by computer.

Material acquisition

The material recording, which can take place on the basis of material withdrawal notes, issue notes or material request forms. Among other things, they contain the order number or cost center number and result in material costs. If a delivery is made to the customer, the warehouse staff will work if a delivery note is available.


The evaluation of the material issue data provides starting points for rationalization in the warehouse, e.g. through load profiles for different storage locations, overviews of the residence times of the materials in the individual material areas, lists of missing materials and immediate adjustment of identified inventory differences.

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