Master's degree in cultural studies

Cultural studies programs can include art, music, economics, politics, and other cultural aspects of different societies. Use this article to find out about program options and careers that require this knowledge.

What are the requirements for a master’s degree in cultural studies?

Masters programs in cultural studies often examine different international cultures. You must have a bachelor's degree to be eligible for admission to the master’s program. Some programs require you to submit an essay or purpose statement describing your interest in cultural studies.

You may also need to submit a writing sample that either demonstrates your knowledge of the subject or explains what ideas you want to explore in your program. Although language proficiency is not required to access most Masters-level cultural programs, you may need to master a foreign language to complete a degree.

What is the master’s program like?

In this master’s degree, you will learn how race, class, gender, politics and economy affect society and culture. Some programs have a psychological focus so you can combine your cultural studies with psychological topics and counseling techniques. Most cultural studies Masters programs are only available on campus.

Your program may focus on international cultures depending on the specialization. It might also be possible to examine gender issues, such as how feminism has affected the economy. You can also use music, art, and film to study different cultures. Research usually makes up a large part of this degree. Some possible course topics are:

  • Cultural theories
  • Gender and sexuality
  • eating disorder
  • Conduct cultural research with children
  • sociology
  • Criticism in film and literature

How can I use this degree?

If you choose a program with a psychological focus, you may be able to seek counseling and work with people who have mental disorders. You can also qualify for a doctoral program in counseling to advance your studies in this area.

Earning a master's degree in cultural studies can also prepare you to be a community organizer working within a community for political or social purposes. This can be achieved by making people more aware of their rights through gatherings, literature and films, all of which are used to make improvements and change laws.

Other options include entering a doctoral program in cultural studies or a related discipline, such as Spanish literature. The course of study that you pursue during your master’s degree has a strong influence on the type of doctoral program that you can participate in. For example, if you focus your cultural studies program on gender, you may be qualified for a doctorate in gender studies.

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