Marketing planning

Definition of marketing planning

Marketing planning is the systematic anticipation of future market events. It has to be aligned with the marketing goals that are based on the company's mission statement.

Examples of marketing planning

Examples: Increase in sales by increasing sales, at the same time reducing marketing costs so that higher profit margins can be achieved; Increase in market shares, e.g. B. to eliminate competitors and exploit the market potential; Improvement of the company image and / or increase of the level of awareness through increased advertising measures.

On the basis of Marketing goals it must be determined how these goals can be achieved. Marketing planning consists of several sub-plans that must be coordinated and include the following plans:

  • The Sales plan, which is a sales volume plan in the narrower sense. He shows z. B. the product types, customer groups and sales areas. As a short-term plan, it is used for production planning; in the long term, it is important for dimensioning capacities.
  • The Marketing Action Plan, the planned measures for product, contra-here, distribution and Communication policy contains. It shows the marketing management's action program on a date-related basis.
  • The Marketing cost planwhich includes all costs that arise from selling the products on the market. These costs are included in the marketing budget, the data of which are binding for marketing management.

Marketing planning can be strategic, tactical and operational. Your result is the marketing plan, which is usually the basis for corporate planning.

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