Marketing controlling

Definition of marketing controlling

Marketing controlling is an operational function that combines the process of planning, controlling and managing sales with the internal information supply. It is perceived by the marketing controller. Tasks are:

Planning and setting goals for the marketing area

Planning based on the objectives of the marketing department, e.g. B. Increase in sales, lower marketing costs. Key figures can also have a target character, e. B. the return on sales, which expresses the ratio of profit to sales. Then, in coordination with those responsible in the marketing area, the ways in which the Marketing goals can be reached. The marketing budget, which has the character of a default for marketing management, is also planned.

Marketing control

The control, which as marketing control consists of the monitoring of the above objectives as target values and the investigation of target-actual deviations in the marketing area. Target and actual values are also compared as part of budget control. This control primarily relates to the development of sales and marketing costs.

Information supply

The supply of information, which is to be interpreted as the transfer or communication of data to the marketing staff. This is done via an appropriate reporting system Marketing management informed about early warning indicators that influence the marketing process positively or negatively, e.g. B. too high advertising costs, declining sales or decreasing market share.

The control that takes measures to combat disturbances in the marketing area on the basis of the above control results (line controller) or only suggests such measures (staff controller). Control measures can e.g. This could be, for example, a change in marketing goals, increased sales training, restructuring of advertising, lowering marketing costs, increasing the marketing budget.

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