Marketing control

Definition of marketing control

Marketing control includes as part of the Marketing controlling the constant, systematic monitoring and investigation of all marketing work. It occurs as strategic, tactical and operational control and takes place in the following stages:

Recording the target values as target values against which the various market services are to be measured, e.g. B. Marketing costs, Sales, contribution margins, net profits

  • Determination of the actual values of marketing
  • Comparison of the target values as marketing performance standards with the actual values
  • Evaluation of the comparison results, which can have consequences for marketing management.

Market shares

Marketing control relates in particular to sales, market shares and success, which are heavily dependent on marketing costs.

Although it is an effective tool for controlling marketing, it is not yet being used sufficiently in all companies. There are many reasons for this:

  • Wrong ideas about the assessment of the control costs
  • Many small companies lack suitable control concepts
  • Employees perceive controls as superfluous checks
  • Employees do not recognize the positive effects of the control

This marketing control not only reveals errors and suggests improvements, but also relieves the burden by confirming the success of planning and providing new information for suggestions.

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