Location-based services

What is location-based services?
Location based services are services that have evolved as a result of mobile computers and wireless networks. They allow the user to make connections and use services that are available in their environment.

These services include those used to identify the location information and provide necessary information about that particular location.

Location-based services depend on:

Time independence: Regardless of the time, the results should be available whenever the user calls the service.

Location-based information: Regardless of location, the user should be able to get the information when needed.

Location-based services require client devices, application data related to the application, network connectivity, and the actual content in order to deliver the service to the user's phone. Some types of location-based services include:

Follow-up Services: An example is routing calls to the current user's location by assigning a temporary phone number to the user's current phone. This allows the user to redirect incoming calls to the user location.

Location Services: An example is printing a document from an office laptop in a hotel. Print service would find the closest printer in the hotel and print it out there instead of in the office. It all depends on the location of the user. The user's laptop is in the hotel. If it was in the office, the document would be printed in the office.

Data protection: The above service classes raise the question of data protection. This service allows the user to check either himself or the service depending on their needs. This allows them to use either the follow-on service or the location-based service at a specific point in time.

Information services: The information service enables the user to obtain information about the location and the service.

Support services: This can be any service that the user uses based on his location.

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