Location based technology

What is location based technology?
Location technology is any technology that is able to recognize your current location and then manipulate that data to control events and information. The location is determined through the use of various sensors and methods to calculate the geographic location, e.g. B. determined by GPS technology and the triangulation of the cell tower. Location-aware devices are able to give directions relative to their location, access geographic-aware services and data, and broadcast the device's location.

Location-based technology is often made possible in a device through the integration of electronic modules ranging from a full GPS device that can be installed in vehicles to small GPS microchips built into mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The location-based technology in the device provides an interface to the operating system of the device to provide location-specific or location-specific services. For example, some applications for Android and iOS offer different data and content based on the device's location, e.g. B. the display of different events or travel destinations, sights and even restaurants.

Large campuses can use location-based technology to guide students, especially newcomers, to specific locations such as classrooms and laboratories. The technology is increasingly used in location, especially in vehicles (GPS navigation) and for the orientation of tourists in new cities.

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