Linux Foundation

What is Linux Foundation?
The Linux Foundation (LF) is a non-profit technology association with over 500 companies. It is by far the largest open source non-profit organization in the world. One of its goals is to keep the platform independent and free. This is mainly done through the support of Linus Torvalds, creator of the Linux kernel, and other major kernel developers. It also aims to promote, standardize, and protect the Linux platform by providing a comprehensive set of services that can compete with existing closed platforms.

The Linux Foundation was founded in 2007 and acts as a manufacturer-neutral unit for the promotion of Linux. It drives innovation through collaborative events or community programs among Linux communities - regarding application developers, end users, and industry members - solving technical, legal, and promotional issues that Linux may face. Standardization services and support are provided to make the open platform lucrative for development efforts. Some of these are Linux Developer Network and Linux Standard Base.

The foundation supports the community through annual events such as the Linux kernel Developers Summit, the Linux Collaboration Summit, and the general LinuxCon event. Key areas of the community such as travel funds for open source developers and other administrative support are also supported. A technically advanced, vendor-neutral training program has also been created and led by current leaders in the Linux development community. I also manage the platform's trademark. It offers developers or programmers legal protection of their intellectual property. It coordinates the collaboration between industry, community and education.

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