Linus Torvalds

Who is Linus Torvalds?
Linus Torvalds is an American software developer born in Finland, best known for creating the Linux kernel, a core system code used in many of the operating system distributions in use today. He remains the lead developer of Linux and manages tens of thousands of developers who contribute code for features and bug fixes for the kernel. He also created GIT, a distribution control system used by development teams around the world.

Linus Torvalds was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 1969 and named after the American Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. He got interested in computers in 1981 when he started in one when he was 11 years old Commodore VIC-20 To program the system, first with BASIC and then assembler. He then switched to a Sinclair QL, which he modified extensively, in particular the operating system, and wrote his own assembler, editor and games for it, as it was difficult to get software for it in Finland.

Torvalds attended the University of Helsinki between 1988 and 1996 where he received a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the NODES Research Group. During his student days, Andrew Tenenbaum's book 'Operating Systems: Design and Implementation' was one of his course books. It was there that he got to know MINIX, a stripped-down version of Unix that led him to a fascination with the clear structure of Unix's underlying philosophy.

In January 1991, Torvalds bought an Intel 80386-based IBM PC clone and later received its MINIX version. The new processor and MINIX got him on the way to programming his own drivers, such as hard drive drivers, serial drivers and a file system, as well as various OS processes because he needed them to join newsgroups to learn more about the POSIX -Default. With these things he had already unwittingly created Linux, but it wasn't until Ari Lemmke, his friend who administered the FTP server, gave him a directory called 'linux' that the name was coined. He eventually wrote his master's thesis entitled 'Linux: A Portable Operating System'. Torvalds officially announced the operating system in the MINIX Usenet newsgroup 'comp.os.minx' on August 25, 1991.

The Opens Source Development Lab (OSDL) was founded in 2000 and later became The Linux Foundation merged. Linus Torvalds is still an active contributor and moderator of the Linux kernel under the foundation, managing contributions from thousands of developers.

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