What is likejacking?
Likejacking is a Clickjacking- Fraud committed by Facebook using the Facebook 'Like' button. With 'likejacking', scammers share a convincing video, image or discount offer by clicking on 'like'. This will post the deal on all of the user's friends' Facebook feeds, thereby spreading the scam. The more people 'like' the post, the more it spreads.

Although the effects of these scams are not clear, some internet security experts believe that scammers are trying to gain access to a Facebook account or users' personal information.

In October 2011, two widespread and very typical scams on Facebook spread like wildfire. The first was a scam targeting Canadian Facebook users who offered them a gift certificate to Tim Hortons, a popular coffee and donut shop. The scam pushed Facebook users to click a link and the page that appeared. They were then asked to enter their email address and provide additional information, supposedly in order to receive the gift card. The same scam was then committed a day later, offering a Starbucks gift card worth 50 $.

Sophos, a global network of internet security analysts, investigated the fraud and found two main risks to victims:

The victims were asked to cut an unknown JavaScript code into their browser bars and walk past there. Running unknown JavaScript is risky as it can start a virus on the user's computer.

The victims were asked to provide personal information such as name, address and email address. This could provide enough information for the hackers to commit identity theft or hack into a user's Facebook, email, or other accounts.

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