Leadership principle

Definition of leadership principle

The management principle is a principle for the uniform handling of management tools in the company. It is also referred to as the leadership principle, leadership rule, management principle, and leadership guideline.

cooperative leadership styles

In the case of cooperative leadership, a distinction can be made between:

Principle of target agreement

The principle of target agreement, in which the achievable goals are worked out jointly by superiors and employees.


The principle of delegation, in which supervisors give their employees tasks, powers and the associated responsibility.

mutual information

The principle of mutual information, in which supervisors and employees jointly strive for solutions.


The principle of self-control, which is a form of control in which the employee controls himself.

Conflict resolution

The principle of conflict resolution, according to which conflicts should first be resolved by those involved themselves and only then by the next highest superior.

reasonable employee demands

The principle of reasonable employee demands, where the supervisor z. B. Propose personnel development measures for your employees.

Principle of decision

The principle of decision, according to which the superior ultimately only decides if no agreement can be reached with the employees.

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