Capital goods marketing

Definition of capital goods marketing

Capital goods marketing is an expression of market-oriented, entrepreneurial thinking and action that is geared towards capital goods, e.g. B. machines, hardware, software. They are used to manufacture new products or to provide services.

End consumer or end user?

The consumers are not final consumers or users as in consumer goods marketing. E.g .: industrial companies or public administrations.

The products are often manufactured specifically for the purchasing company. In many cases, the manufacturer still provides services after the purchase to ensure the functionality of the products. The quality of the products is particularly important for the purchase decision. In capital goods marketing, personal sales and customer service are of particular importance.

Decision making process

The buyer's decision-making process is often characterized by intensive activities and negotiations and often takes a long time. Both on his side and on the side of the seller, several people are involved in many cases, e.g. B. Buyers, salespeople, employees of the material and / or production area, accounting, IT experts.

Due to the increasing pressure of international competition, capital goods marketing is now often an international marketing. Therefore, alternative problem solutions for different country areas often have to be worked out.

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