Internal staff adjustment

Definition of internal staff adjustment

With internal personnel adjustments, personnel capacity is changed by changing existing employment relationships without any downsizing.

It can include the following measures:

Reduction of overtime - This is about working hours that go beyond the regular working hours of a day or week, which are usually agreed in a collective agreement, e.g. B. Reduction of overtime.

Flexibility of working hours - The daily, weekly, monthly or annual working hours do not always have the same number of hours. On average, however, the agreed average working time per time interval is achieved.

Conversion of full-time to part-time positions - In addition to fixed working hours, the division of jobs, e.g. B. Job sharing or the work can be agreed on call, ie the location and duration of the working hours can be adapted to the workload.

Establishing the vacation - Individual employees can take their vacation forward if necessary. In addition, company holidays can be postponed, and special or unpaid leave can be granted.

Introduction of Short-time work - In the case of short-time work, there is a temporary reduction in the customary, regular working hours in the company, with the consequence of reduced wages.

Transfer of workers - This involves the assignment of a different work area, which is likely to exceed the duration of one month, or which is associated with a significant change in the circumstances under which work is to be carried out.

Vocational education - The employee is qualified for his professional activity through personnel development measures. This includes training, further training and retraining, which are often carried out in personnel adjustment measures.

Changes in the remuneration or social area - The re-grouping of the remuneration serves to adapt the collective wage of the employee to changed, lower-value tasks and functions. Adjustment measures in the area of voluntary social benefits are also possible.

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