Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing - While in both classic mass media (print, TV, radio, etc.) the direction of information was only from the sender to the recipient, multimedia, computer-aided communication allows the systems to interact with each other. The customer can now meet his information needs in a targeted and individual manner and use the opportunity to react directly.

The process of mass communication is thus reversed; the initiative no longer comes from the sender, but from the customer. The task for marketing consists in the design of this interactive communication, which can range from the pure demand for information (or the supply) to passive and interactive advice to the purchase of goods and services.

The subject of interactive marketing is the customer-oriented orientation of the employees. Above all, the employees who are in direct customer contact are to be recorded here. These are all those people who come into contact with the customer before, during and after the provision of the service. Interactive marketing regulates how the contact staff deal with customers (e.g. friendly, courteous, rhetorical, etc.). Since the perceived service quality depends very much on the quality of the interaction between contact staff and customers, every possible contact with the customer - especially the first contact - becomes a "moment of truth", which is an essential assessment criterion for the quality of the service.
Due to the interaction between contact staff and customers and the resulting influence of staff on service quality, comprehensive employee orientation becomes a factor in service marketing that is on an equal footing with customer orientation.

Internal marketing is the systematic design of exchange relationships between a company and its employees for purposes related to the sales market. Human resources and organizational measures serve to influence the staff with regard to their customer-oriented behavior. If external marketing is about creating and maintaining customer satisfaction, in internal marketing staff satisfaction and customer orientation are the target values. Satisfied staff is motivated and efficient and especially interactive staff and is causally related to customer satisfaction and the economic success of the service company.

There can be interaction tasks within the framework of the creation:

· unterstützend-interaktiver Dienstleistungen (z.B. Leistungen im Payment transactions eines Kreditinstitutes)

Problem-oriented interactive services (e.g. services of an architect)

Personal interactive services (e.g. services of a doctor)

can be distinguished. Each of these types of services places different demands on interactive marketing and entails different tasks for the contact staff.

c) Austauschbeziehungen können sich einmal auf die Beziehung des Management zu ihren Mitarbeitern als auch auf die Beziehung der Mitarbeiter untereinander erstrecken. Im ersten Fall werden personalpolitische Maßnahmen (z.B. Mitarbeiterauswahl, Mitarbeiterführung und -motivation) an sales market-orientierten Zielen ausgerichtet. Im anderen Fall werden die Austauschbeziehungen zwischen den Abteilungen und Mitarbeitern als „Kunden-Lieferanten-Beziehungen“ organisiert.

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