Information path

Definition of information path

The information path is a fixed relationship between at least two parts of a company. It is also called the communication path and connection path. The totality of all positions and information channels forms the Organizational structure. There are:

Longitudinal information channels

Longitudinal information channels that are linked to the superior's full authority. You are z. B. given as instructions within an area, as orders or orders from top to bottom and express superordinate and subordinate relationships.

Cross information channels

Cross-information channels that do not contain any authority to issue instructions and do not assume a superordinate or subordinate position. B. occur as pure cross contacts on the same level. They are shaped by information and advice, e.g. B. for staff members.

Diagonal information paths

Diagonal information channels that are associated with limited authority to issue instructions. They are either available within an area as individual instructions from the respective specialist or they run from one area to another operational area.

Policy information channels

Directive information channels that do not contain the authority to issue instructions, but B. Allow an organization manager, with the support of the company management, to exert pressure on those departments that do not adhere to the guidelines previously agreed upon together.

Upward information channels

Upward information paths that are not linked to instructions, but run from employees to superiors from bottom to top, e.g. B. in employee interviews, survey results, company suggestion scheme.

Operational management is inconceivable without information channels. If the information channels are followed incorrectly, no success can occur.

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