Information management

Information management represents the guidance through information and communication in the company. It is responsible for the information area, which has the task of ensuring information-related transparency in the company. A large amount of data has to be moved, which is largely done with the help of IT.

Need for information management

Reasons for the need for information management are:

  • The rapid increase in knowledge
  • The high degree of specialization in the company
  • The deviation of information supply and demand
  • The change in the field of new technologies.

Information management takes place at all management levels

Information management takes place at all management levels:

  • The strategic information management deals with the fields of activity of planning, implementation and control of the information infrastructure as a whole. It is of fundamental and long-term importance for the company.
  • The tactical information management is derived from strategic information and shows z. B. in medium-term technology management.
  • Operational information management uses the given information infrastructure to provide the right information at the right place and at the right time.

Information management

The information management tasks are incumbent on the information manager as the mediator between company management, the IT department and the specialist departments.

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