Individual guidance

Definition of individual leadership

Individual leadership is a situation-related influencing of a person being led, which, using management tools, is aimed at achieving success that can be achieved jointly. In doing so, a supervisor induces an individual employee to do what he expects of him.

Features of individual leadership

The key features of individual management are:

  • The personality of the employee, i.e. his / her characteristics, abilities, skills, knowledge, experience, motives, attitudes, expectations, qualifications.
  •  The manager's personality, e.g. B. their persuasiveness, expressiveness, judgment, resilience, intelligence, maturity, authority, qualification, willingness to perform.
  • The management tools used by the manager, e.g. B. praise as a means of leadership or a certain leadership technique or a certain leadership style.
  • The leadership situation as a problem, e.g. B. the difficulty of the task, influences of the workplace, group influences, private situation, company situation, environmental situation.
  • The leadership success, which is the positive result of efforts to achieve goals. It shows in the fulfillment of the performance goals (company benefit) and employee satisfaction (employee benefit).

As part of the individual leadership, the manager tries to combine the goals of the employee with the corporate goals. Working towards the self-responsible development of the personality of the successful employee is an essential task of individual management. Management psychology deals with individual leadership as a superior-employee relationship.

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