Group-oriented leadership style

Definition of group-oriented leadership style

The group-oriented management style describes the way in which a superior leads the group or its group members that report to him. The group tour takes the respective group situation into account and is geared towards achieving group success together. Group-related leadership styles can be:

  • Integrating with newbies, outsiders, e.g. B. by skillfully introducing them to the group and by offering help.
  • Encouraging for slackers, lazy people, z. B. through targeted activation of your performance reserves and clearly defined goals.
  • Supportive for high performers, group stars, e.g. B. by transferring competencies, responsibility.
  • Braking with ringleaders, cheeky, troublemakers, z. B. through rigor and authority or steering towards the performance goals.
  • Encouraging for shy, problematic people, e.g. B. through encouragement, understanding, compassion and a positive attitude.
  • Appreciative to happy natures, balancing or sociable group members, e.g. B. by recognizing their group contributions.
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