External staff adjustment

The external personnel adjustment includes control measures that are directed externally from an operational point of view. In particular, it is used to react to long-term or medium-term persistent staff surpluses. Possible measures are:

Hiring freeze

Hiring freeze - While any external substitute or additional hiring is prohibited without exception with an absolute hiring freeze, the targeted hiring freeze allows certain jobs to be filled from outside as an exception or in addition.


Exploitation Fluctuation - If an employee leaves the company, the position will no longer be filled and the tasks arising there will be distributed to other positions. This results in a reduction in the workforce without any legal or social problems to be expected.

Fixed-term employment contract

Fixed-term employment contract - In principle, it may only be concluded if there is an objective reason for the time limit, until the end of 2000 according to the BeschFG, but also without such a reason in the case of employment contracts with a fixed term of up to 18 months.

Agreement of termination agreements

Agreement of termination agreements - The employment relationship is terminated at a certain point in time by mutual agreement between employer and employee; severance payments may be made.

early retirement

early retirement - An older employee leaves the company and receives an early retirement pension after being unemployed for at least 52 weeks by reaching the age of 60.


Outplacement - This is an amicable separation based on a termination agreement with the involvement of an external consultant who specifically supports the (still) not terminated employee in their job search at the company's expense.


termination - After checking all other options for staff adjustment, it should be the last resort to operate external staff adjustments. The termination can be ordinary or extraordinary if there are important reasons.

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