External recruitment

The external recruitment of personnel is carried out from the labor market outside the company.




External recruitment methods can be:

Public employment agency

Public employment agency - The Federal Employment Agency maintains 180 employment agencies with 657 offices, specialist placement offices (for particularly qualified executives) and the central placement office (especially for academics).

job ad

job ad - It can be an open job advertisement or an advertisement from a personnel consultant or a box number advertisement that is published without mentioning the name of the advertiser and is only recommended in exceptional cases, e.g. B. if the job is still occupied or the competition should not find out about the occupation. The importance of the job advertisement in external recruitment is very high.

Personnel leasing

Personnel leasing - One company (lender) makes temporary workers available to another company (hirer) within the framework of temporary workers, which is particularly useful in the administrative and commercial sectors.

HR consultant

HR consultant - He is an external expert who for a fee z. B. Formulates job advertisements, evaluates application documents, participates in job interviews and advises on recruitment. If he approaches people in companies directly with the aim of poaching them, he is called a head hunter. Personnel consultants are to be distinguished from management consultants. Management consulting is a sub-area of consulting that deals with business problems. A high degree of internationalization is forecast for the consulting industry.

Private employment agency

Private employment agency - It has been possible since the Federal Employment Agency's placement monopoly was lifted and may only demand remuneration from the employer and not from the job seeker, even if contrary agreements are made. It must be agreed in writing in the agency contract. Their amount may not exceed 12 % of wages. With the approval of private employment agencies, the placement efficiency is to be increased and the range of services offered by the employment agency improved.

Other external procurement channels can be employees, school contacts, notices at the factory gate, billposting, radio and television, company tours, poaching.

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