Management resources of an executive

Management tools are management instruments that show the management behavior of a manager and are used immediately to bring the staff to leadership success.

Management resources:

Information is provided by directives, company magazines, circulars, notices, posters, reports, leaflets, leaflets and personal letters.

Communication includes conversations, meetings and conferences that differ according to the number of participants.

It takes place through the involvement of the employees in a project group, through increased cooperation between superiors and employees.

These include B. Delegation and co-determination as an opportunity to allow employees to participate in decisions. Responsibility is given.

The performance of the employees is assessed based on certain criteria. An assessment sheet is often used. The results are discussed with the employees.

This includes training, advanced training and retraining of employees.

By awarding a title, company car, reserved parking space, first-class travel, authorization to eat in the casino, membership in the exclusive company club.

The design of the workplace, the work task, the working conditions, the employment contract, the working hours take place.

It can be positive criticism (praise), negative criticism (reprimand), reprimands, warnings, reproaches, sanctions, penalties, warnings. Above all, recognition is an important management tool.

Incentives are provided through wages (Time wages, Piecework wages, Bonus wages) or a profit-sharing scheme.

It takes place through incentives, e.g. B. Encouragement incentives, work incentives, realization incentives, promotion incentives, development incentives, remuneration incentives, status incentives.

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