IT-supported insurance controlling

IT-supported insurance controlling - For the information and technical system support of all management and controller activities, most insurance companies now have multi-dimensional databases (data warehouses or data marts) from which periodic or sporadic evaluations tailored to the individual users are available can be generated to support the analyzes, planning and controls. Simple and quick displays (traffic lights, overviews, branches to the lower or upper levels and the like) give the respective user the overview and insight that is relevant for him into all of the facts that are essential for him.
In recent years, the controlling information system in insurance companies has moved away from a rigid and confusing "standard" reporting system towards a tailor-made, flexible message system, which is an essential prerequisite for widespread acceptance of these instruments among insurance executives. A problem with some insurance companies - despite a wealth of individual operational data - is the lack of comprehensive control information (e.g. the combination of segment information across all lines for individual customers).

One reason for this are the old, sector-oriented processing systems with different data models that are still in use (mostly from the risk perspective of the respective sector), which makes it difficult, for example, to merge customer data. On the other hand, there are now many external sources of information - especially in the commercial sector - from which your own customer data can be supplemented with additional external information. Some market research companies also regularly offer panel or full information on a micro-geographical basis, which, as information on potential and competition, can effectively support strategic product and sales management.

Daneben gibt es eine ganze Reihe an (finanz-)mathematischer Software, an Software für die Planung vernetzter Investitionsprojekte, an Software für die qualitative und quantitative Beurteilung von Entscheidungsalternativen und Sze-narien, an „fuzzy-logic“-Software für ein Data Mining aus statistischen Datensammlungen, Scoring models und weitere techni sche Hilfen, die einzelne Analyse-, Planungs-und Kontroll-Aufgaben einfach und wirksam unterstützen können. Versicherungsunternehmen sind beim Test und bei der Anwendung dieser Tools oft die Pioniere, gerade weil sie über umfassende Datensammlungen und über lange Zeitreihen verfügen und das Denken in langen Zeitreihen ein grundlegender Bestand teil des Versicherungsgeschäftes ist.

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