Duration and completion of vocational training

Die Ausbildungsdauer ist in der Ausbildungsordnung festgelegt. Je nach Ausbildungsberuf liegt sie zwischen 2 und 3,5 Jahren. Die tatsächliche Ausbildungsdauer kann jedoch verlängert oder verkürzt werden. Sie ist im jeweiligen Vocational training contract geregelt.

Reasons for a possible shortening are:

  • taking the final exam early
  • Shortening of the training due to an imputation regulation (example: attending the school-based basic vocational training year enables the training period to be shortened by one year or by half a year for two-year training occupations)
  • Antrag des Auszubildenden auf Ausbildungszeitverkürzung; diesen Antrag kann die zuständige Kammer (z. B. die Industrieund Handelskammer), nach Anhörung von business und Schule, genehmigen

Reasons for the extension are:

  • Application of the trainee for an extension of the training period
  • Failure to pass the final examination (up to the next possible repeat examination, by a maximum of one year)


Early termination without a degree

During the probationary period, the apprenticeship relationship can be terminated by either party at any time without observing a notice period. The trial period is at least one and a maximum of three months and is regulated in the training contract. After the trial period has expired, an early termination of the apprenticeship is only possible:

in the event of a change of profession, ie when the trainee gives the trainee a written declaration that he wants to take up a completely different profession. A notice period of one month must be observed here.

on the death of the trainee, if the trainee leaves the company within one month.

in case of bankruptcy. Both the trainee and the bankruptcy trustee can terminate the apprenticeship relationship within one month with immediate effect.

If there is an important reason (§ 15 BBiG); both parties can then terminate the apprenticeship without observing a deadline. Examples include the following cases:

  • the trainer pays no remuneration
  • Despite several complaints (warning), the trainee is not properly trained
  • the trainee reveals trade secrets
  • the trainee steals

Extraordinary termination without notice must be made in writing. The reason for the termination must be explained. Termination without notice is only effective if it is received no later than 14 days after the reason for termination becomes known. In addition to termination without notice, the injured contractual partner is entitled to compensation for the proven damage (Section 16 BBiG).

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