Determination of sources of supply

The answer to the question “Who should you buy from?” Depends on various influencing factors. First and foremost, this includes the price.
Evaluation of suppliers with regard to:

  • quality
  • Delivery readiness
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Willingness to cooperate

Zunächst müssen jedoch die möglichen Lieferanten ermittelt werden. Im business stehen dazu sowohl interne als auch externe Quellen zur Verfügung:

Internal sources of supply:

  • Supplier index
  • Article index
  • available offers
  • present catalogs
  • present price lists

External sources of supply:

  • Address books ("Who delivers what?")
  • Yellow Pages
  • Trade journals
  • Trade fairs and exhibitions

Every company endeavors to set up a reference source file or index for itself, in which the possible suppliers are listed according to the individual raw materials, auxiliary materials and operating materials as well as the semi-parts to be purchased.
If there is no information in the named directories, you must inquire at delivery companies that deliver similar goods whether they can deliver the required material.

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  • Determination of sources of supply
  • good fr
  • identify sources of supply
  • Determination of sources of supply internally externally

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