What is Cyberwarfare?
Cyberwarfare is any virtual conflict that is initiated as a politically motivated attack on the computer and information systems of an enemy. These Internet-based attacks turn financial and organizational systems off by stealing or altering classified data to undermine networks, websites and services.

Cyberwarfare is also known as Cyber ​​Warfare or Cyber ​​War.

Cyberwarfare involves the following attack methods:

Sabotage: Military and financial computer systems run the risk of being normal business and disrupt the equipment, e.g. B. Communication, fuel, energy and transport infrastructures.

Espionage and / or security breaches: These illegal exploitation methods are used to deactivate networks, software, computers or the Internet in order to steal or acquire classified information from competing institutions or individuals for military, political or financial gain.

On the other hand, system procedures are continuously being developed and tested to protect against cyber war attacks. For example, organizations will attack their system internally to identify security vulnerabilities for proper removal and defense. A common idea of a hacker is that of a teenager breaking into computer systems for fun. While this perception may once have been true, modern cyberwar encompasses well-trained, well-funded professionals supported by nation states. Examples like the Stuxnet virus are cited by some experts to show that much more is going on behind the scenes and that the front lines will be digital in future wars.

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