Cyber kill chain

What is Cyber Kill Chain?
A cyber kill chain is a collection of processes related to the use of cyber attacks on systems. Some experts describe the cyber killing chain as the 'stages' of a cyber attack. In general, the cyber killing chain describes, step by step, what a complex attack does.

A common model for a cyber kill chain is based on a template from defense firm Lockheed Martin that uses seven distinct phases or steps:

- Enlightenment
- weapon manufacture
- Delivery
- exploitation
- installation
- Management and control
- Actions on goals

Certain data can be assigned to each of these steps, e.g. B. where the detection takes place through web analysis or through firewall penetration.

The term 'cyber killing chain' comes from the term 'killing chain', the military jargon used to analyze the structure of an attack. Using a cyber launch chain model can help show exactly what a piece of malware or Cyber attack got into a system to cause harm and achieve the goals of hackers or other malicious parties.

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