Cyber forensics

What is cyber forensics?
Cyber forensics is an electronic discovery technique that is used to obtain and reveal technical evidence. It often involves the extraction of electronic data storage for legal purposes.

Although cyber forensics is still in its infancy, it is becoming increasingly important as a way to interpret evidence. Cyber forensics is also known as computer forensics.

Cybercrime spans a broad spectrum, from email scams to downloading copyrighted works for distribution, and is fueled by a desire to gain access to someone else's intellectual property or private information. Cyberforensics can easily display a digital audit trail for analysis by experts or law enforcement agencies. Developers often create program applications to combat and detect online criminals. These applications are at the core of cyber forensics.

Cyber forensic techniques include:

Cross-driven analysis that correlates data from multiple hard drives

Live analytics that collect data before shutting down a PC

Deleted file recovery

Each of the above techniques are applied to cyber forensic investigations.

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