Cyber ​​Range

What is Cyber ​​Range?
A cyber range is a virtual environment that is used for Cyberwarfare Training and cybertechnology development is used. It provides tools that help strengthen the stability, security, and performance of cyber infrastructures and IT systems used by government and military agencies.

Cyber areas function like shooting or kinetic areas and facilitate training in weapons, operations or tactics. Therefore, cyber warriors and IT experts who are employed by different agencies train cyber-range technologies in order to achieve a consistent one business and to ensure readiness for real use.

Since cyber domains are controlled virtual environments, operational states and weapon / defense performance results can be replicated to reduce errors and mistakes.

Cyber ​​areas exist in military and government agencies, industries and private installations. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently developing the National Cyber ​​Range (NCR).

The goals of DARPA's NCR include:

Replicate large, complex, and diverse networks and users for future and current Department of Defense weapons systems and operations

Enable a realistic test facility for Internet and Global Information Grid (GIG) research

Enable the development and use of state-of-the-art cyberterting capabilities

Facilitate the scientific use of cyberterting methods

Providing a virtual environment for the quantitative, qualitative and realistic assessment of potentially breakthrough cyber technologies for research and development

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