Customer service policy

Definition of customer service policy

The customer service policy is the one part of the Product policywhich complements the main service of the company. Customer service, also known as service, is an additional service provided by the dealer or producer. The purposes of customer service are:

  • The possibility of profiling against competitors
  • The increase in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty
  • The establishment of intensive contacts with the customer
  • Gaining leeway for price negotiations.

Importance of customer service

The importance of customer service has increased more and more in recent years. This not only because the products are becoming more and more technically complex, but also because companies can use them to set themselves apart from competitors. The customer service policy includes:

Technical after-sales services

Technical after-sales servicesthat are conceivable as instruction, installation, maintenance or repair.

Commercial customer service

Commercial customer servicethat appear as information, advice, packaging or delivery.

These customer services can be free or paid. In the case of high standby costs, the possibility of purchasing services or outsourcing them entirely to other companies should be examined.

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