What is Crimeware?
Crimeware is a computer program that is specifically designed to perform malicious and illegal activities online. Although adware, Spyware and malware can all be used to carry out illegal activity, crimeware refers to programs designed to automate the theft of information so that the thief can gain access to an individual's online financial accounts.

The term was coined by Peter Cassidy, the general secretary of the anti-phishing group.

Criminals use a variety of methods to steal information about crimeware, including:

Crimeware can redirect a user's web browser to a fake website controlled by the thief.

Crimeware can provide remote access to applications so that criminals can break into networks.

Crimeware can be used to steal passwords cached on a user's system.

Crimeware can install keystroke loggers to collect data such as password and login information for online bank accounts.

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