Creativity technique

Definition of creativity technique

Creativity is the ability to think productively and to concretise these thinking results, e.g. B. in the form of inventions and innovations. It can be systematically challenged through the use of creativity techniques:

What is brainstorming

At the brainstorming spontaneous ideas are expressed, criticism is strictly forbidden. The ideas are evaluated at the end of the meeting of the participants.


That Brainwriting is similar to brainstorming and is also called Method 635 designated. 6 participants first enter 3 suggestions for a problem solution in a form within 5 minutes. They are then passed on to the next participant, who deals with it creatively.


In the Synectics after the problem has been identified (e.g. developing a machine) analogies are made, e.g. B. apply the gripping process of an animal to the design of the machine analog. The analogy is carried over to the problem to be solved.


the morphology is a structural analysis with the aim of finding new combinations. A box is created with characteristics in columns (e.g. 3 types of chair) and characteristics in rows (design, price, material). In the free fields, data is entered that will later be linked together so that a new solution is created, e.g. B. a creative chair construction.

Characteristics of creative people are intelligence, ingenuity, autonomy, curiosity, imaginative coping with failures, perseverance, nonconformism and vitality.

In order to increase the creativity of employees, various support measures are conceivable, e.g. B. the granting of appropriate freedom, the removal of obstacles, the introduction of a company suggestion system.

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