CPU bottleneck

What is CPU Bottleneck?
A CPU bottleneck is a situation where too many demands on a physical CPU affect system performance or make the system run slower.

The term 'CPU bottleneck' is often used in different types of IT setups. For example, the CPU bottleneck in the game refers to a CPU-related issue that affects the rendering of screen graphics, resulting in a drop in the number of frames per second.

In virtualization systems, a CPU bottleneck can affect how the various components of a virtual hardware setup work together.

Virtualization systems include many different virtual machines (VMs) that must compete for processing access. If these systems are set up inefficiently or if there are too many demands on a central processor, a CPU bottleneck occurs.

There are many different ways to avoid CPU bottlenecks. They deal with how various hardware or software components access physical processing resources. They also have to do with the fact that a system is strong enough to meet the demands that are placed on it. In general, administrators and other employees who maintain IT systems watch out for a CPU bottleneck and fix the problem as soon as it occurs.

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