Cookie respawn

What is cookie respawn?
Cookie respawn is the process of recreating browser cookies from information that has been deleted. With cookie respawning, companies can use the information stored in flash cookies and thus create new cookies in a browser. There are concerns that crawling cookies again may violate a user's privacy and for the business computer can become problematic in the same way that any type of cookie storage can ultimately challenge an operating system.

Recent studies have found that cookie respawning use is minimal and companies caught respawning have stopped. A 2010 Carnegie Mellon University study looked at the use of Local Shared Objects (LSO) or Flash cookies in Adobe Flash, which are commonly used by web browsers, and found that while cookies were not respawning on the On the rise, a few fairly large sites have participated in this type of cookie recovery.

The possibility of cookie respawning is taken seriously by the tech community as experts continue to study how data about web users is collected by businesses on the Internet.

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