Control of your own contact staff

The importance of the service process or the interaction process for the quality assessment requires a control of the performance. So-called test or sham purchases (so-called "Mystery shoppers") on. Such sham purchases control the conditions under which the service is offered and performed.
The interviewer is looking for a customer Service companies (e.g. credit institutes, restaurants, hotels, workshops, etc.) and pretends to be a normal customer who wants to use a certain service. Control content can be the determination of the quality of service and advice as well as the quality of interaction. The following are relevant evaluation criteria:

· Kindness of co-workers
· Expertise
· Appearance, confidence in reasoning
· Commitment, dedication to the customer
· outer appearance.

These criteria are recorded by the anonymous customers after using the service through qualitative and quantitative questions as well as subjectively and objectively measurable variables. For example, the following evaluation criteria are conceivable for assessing credit interviews:

Objective criteria
- Offering a seat
- Number of alternatives offered
- Type of alternatives offered
- type of arguments
- Addressing certain topics

Subjective criteria
- kindness
- Strive for sales success
- Behavior under time pressure
- rhetorical skills
- Security of reasoning
- general appearance.

The evaluation of such control results should not primarily serve the selection of employees, but should contribute to employee qualification. Only those who know the weaknesses of the contact staff can take appropriate measures to improve, starting with targeted employee appraisals and specific training courses to commission systems to increase performance and willingness.

For a better assessment of the control results obtained, a direct comparison of your own control results with the results of anonymous customers at competing companies that offer comparable services is recommended. At the same time, the competition control often leads to suggestions and suggestions for improvement for one's own range of services.

This procedure is also suitable for checking those that are switched on Intermediary (e.g. travel agencies). Here it can be determined, for example, how well your own offer is presented in comparison to the competitive offers and to what extent the contact staff of the sales agent is suitable to sell the service promise in terms of the provider's marketing concept.

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