Control of the service offer

A service offer must be checked regularly to ensure that it has achieved its objectives. The question to be answered is to what extent the range of services is used to realize the defined policy objectives and thus to achieve the Marketing goals contributes. This control can be carried out in different ways:
If the supply control takes place after the market launch, the methods of satisfaction research are available. If the necessity of maintaining a constant service quality for the establishment of a quality management has already been emphasized, the necessity of the constant control of the offers in the offer program becomes obvious. Control systems must therefore be created that inform the service company about the actual quality of the service.

In practice you can see many successful companies that have committed themselves to a certain high quality standard over the long term and maintain these standards by means of certain control systems (test purchases, customer surveys, suggestion boxes for customers, etc.). This Service companies usually also have effective tools to respond to customer complaints or dissatisfaction. Many service companies have developed indicator systems for numerous tasks, which create the most objective comparison standards possible for quality assessment.

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