Consumer research

Customer research is the targeted investigation of certain features or characteristics of customers or customer groups. The target groups of consumer research are end consumers on the one hand and commercial consumers on the other. The number of potential customers for purchasing a product, the structure of the customer groups and factors that influence or determine the purchasing behavior are examined.

These include: buying habits, attitudes, opinions, lifestyles, needs, images and motives.

Je nach Aufgabenstellung untersucht man die vorgenannten Faktoren einzeln (als Einstellungsuntersuchung, Imageuntersuchung, Motivational research etc.) oder kombiniert. Eine kombinierte Untersuchung erfordert beispielsweise die psychografische Market segmentation. Dabei werden anhand der untersuchten Faktoren verschiedene Profile bestimmt.

These consist, for example, of characteristics of purchasing behavior or attitudes. The respondents are grouped according to the similarity of their profiles in order to be able to define specific target groups for a product.

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