What is connectivity?
Connectionism is a special philosophy applied to artificial intelligence and other technological advances. it perceives the human mind as connected to complex networked networks. Many attribute the term to Donald Hebbs, a data scientist who was active in the 1940s.

Connectionism claims that very complex behavioral and mental activity can be explained by analyzing the complex interplay of simple units as the primary example of neurons in the brain. In the 1940s, Hebbs suggested through research that human learning was essentially about strengthening connections between certain groups of neurons.

One of the largest applications of connectivity in technology is in building artificial neural networks. With the advancement of neural networks, scientists promoting connectivity claim that the results will help simulate human cognitive abilities. If that's true, it will mark a huge breakthrough in artificial intelligence and revolutionize the way people think about sentient technologies. In the past, however, advances in artificial intelligence have been constrained by the notion that the human brain is too complex to model effectively with currently available technologies.

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