Configuration baseline

What is configuration baseline?
A configuration baseline is a fixed reference in the development cycle or an agreed specification of a product at a point in time. It serves as a documented basis for defining incremental changes and encompasses many different aspects of the product. It is the center of an effective configuration management program, the purpose of which is to provide a definitive basis for change control in a project by controlling various configuration elements such as work, functions, product performance, and other measurable configurations. Basically, it is a clearly defined specification that serves as the basis for all subsequent changes.

A configuration baseline is also referred to simply as a baseline.

There are different types of configuration baselines depending on the context; B. software, hardware and others. The technical basis is one of them and contains user requirements, program and product information and related documentation for all configuration elements. It consists of the following baselines:

Functional Baseline - A baseline that defines the functional requirements of the system or the system specifications and its interface properties. It only documents the performance, functionality and overall performance of the system.

Associated Baseline - Defines the configuration elements that make up the system and how it is distributed or assigned through the subordinate configuration elements. The performance of each configuration item on this baseline is described in its preliminary design specification.

Product Baseline - Contains the selected functional and physical documentation required for the various types of testing of the configuration item.

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