Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)

What is the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)?
The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is a nonprofit industrial association founded in 1982. Originally known as the Association of Better Computer Dealers (ABCD), CompTIA founders represented five microcomputer dealers. Today CompTIA has more than 2,000 members.

Since its inception, CompTIA has set basic goals, objectives, and a wide range of membership benefits. CompTIA is designed to improve the technology industry and facilitate communications between customers and government agencies through programs that focus on the following four principles:

Philanthropy: Provides disadvantaged people with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to work in the IT industry

Education: Uses educational techniques, tools, and resources to facilitate learning and improve membership business

Advocacy: Provides a voice for small and medium-sized businesses

Certification: Offers manufacturer and technology-neutral certifications

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