Computer graphics metafile

What is computer graphicsMetafile?
A computer graphics metafile (CGM) is an open and free file format and an international standard. It is used in 2D format for:
Vector graphics
Raster graphics
CGM contains numerous functional specifications and entity representations in its format and uses object-oriented approaches for image production. A metafile contains information that describes other files.

CGM hosts a graphics data exchange format relevant to 2D computer graphics. It stands for a specific application, system, device or platform. The CGM format contains the data and instructions for reconstructing graphical elements to provide an image through object-oriented methods. The CGM format supports a wide variety of graphic information and geometric primitives, with graphic files being represented in detail in a text source file, which can then be combined into a binary file.

The CGM file format isn't widely used for web pages as it has been most commonly replaced by Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) and AutoCAD (which has replaced DFX). However, the WebCGM was developed by the World Wide Web Consortium, which supports CGM usage on the web.

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