Computer generated images

What are computer generated images?
Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is the use of computer graphics for special effects in movies, printed and electronic media.

The CGI-based application tools manipulate the environment and create photorealistic images that can be useful for the electronic and printed media. Since CGI visuals are in many cases far less expensive than traditional photographic ones, it is widespread and quite popular.

Features of CGI:

CGI can be used to create a library of props that can be reused if necessary.

Without delivering the actual products, the highest quality room sets and lighting can be achieved.

Is one of the best, most affordable ways to develop images and videos for electronic media such as movies, video games, etc.

CGI is created using wireframe models. Properties such as reflection and lighting can be assigned to these wireframe models and modified.

The quality of the visual effects is higher and more pronounced and controllable than with physical ones.

Allows you to create images and effects that other methods cannot.

CGI is far safer than physical effects.

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