Cognitive technology

What is cognitive technology?
Cognitive technology is a field of computer science that mimics functions of the human brain through a variety of means, including natural language processing, data mining, and pattern recognition. In the areas of automation, machine learning and information technology in particular, the way people use technology will change drastically in the coming years.

Cognitive technology is a subset of the broader field of artificial intelligence that could itself be viewed as a subset of bionics. Although artificial intelligence has long been the subject of research, cognitive technology evolved mainly from the internet (especially the internet and the cloud).

One notable innovation that has become cognitive technology is IBM's Watson supercomputer, which has a processing rate of 80 teraflops, which it uses to 'think' essentially the same as (or better) a human brain. Cognitive technology has also been used in the business world, perhaps best known with the streaming media service Netflix, which uses it to generate user recommendations (a feature that has contributed to the company's success).

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