Code crash

What is a code crash?
Code crash is a software development phenomenon in which the software code or software program no longer functions properly or terminates completely.

A code crash occurs when a computer program is frozen or stalled due to a number of different computation errors and errors.

Code crash can also be known as a program crash or an application crash.

When the running software code stops working, the result is a code crash. The crashed code could be from a standalone application or from a routine operating system service or operation. Code crash can happen for a number of reasons, but most often it is the result of:

- buffer overflow
- Incorrect memory addressing
- Illegal instructions
- Access to unauthorized system resources
- Accessing unallocated space

Some applications will work even after the code crashes, but most of them will be closed by the operating system. At this point, a dialog box informs the user of the problem and suggests investigation or debugging.

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