Cluster controller

What is cluster controller?
On a network, a cluster controller is a computer that is used to manage other computers in a cluster. A cluster controller distributes jobs to the other machines in order to process and receive the output from the other machines. These cluster controllers have different names in different networks. For example, in Hadoop this cluster controller is referred to as the NameNode.

While Computer cluster solving difficult computational problems quickly or maintaining high availability, administrators still need a way to control them. In most cluster schemes, one machine is referred to as a cluster controller.

That machine is responsible for distributing some of the work to the other machines, handling failover, and receiving output from the other machines. The cluster is typically configured in a master-slave arrangement, with the cluster controller serving as the master. The concept, if not the name, is common in clustering systems. In MAAS it is known as NodeGroup, and in Hadoop it is known as NameNode.

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