Cloud deployment

What is cloud deployment?
Cloud provisioning refers to the processes for the provision and integration of cloud computing services in a corporate IT infrastructure. This is a broad term that encompasses a company's policies, procedures, and goal in obtaining cloud services and solutions from a cloud service provider.

Cloud Provisioning definiert in erster Linie, wie, wann und wo eine Organisation Cloud services bereitstellen wird. Diese Dienste können interne, öffentliche oder hybride Cloud-Produkte und -Lösungen sein. Es gibt drei verschiedene Liefermodelle:

Dynamic provision / on-demand provision: The customer or the requesting application is supplied with resources at runtime.

User provisioning: The user / customer adds a cloud device or device themselves.

Post-Sales / Advanced Provisioning: The resource is made available to the customer when the contract / service is registered.

From the provider's perspective, cloud provisioning can include the provision and allocation of required cloud resources for the customer. For example, creating virtual machines, allocating storage capacity and / or accessing cloud software.

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